Newbie ODBC + mODBC + info 
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 Newbie ODBC + mODBC + info

Hi, I am starting on a fairly moderately sized DB app.  I have worked with
DBs before, but using the BDE and paradox.  The app I am writing will need
to do the following:

Use MS Access
Use ODBC via mODBC
Have the DB files stored on a network drive and accessed by 6 networked
Permit 5 users to be reading data from the Database, and one user to be
adding info to it
Allow usernames and passwords with various privileges- one Administrator who
can add/pack etc. and 5 users who can read but not modify any data.

Can someone give me a basic idea of where I should start with this, and how
to create my original Access tables.

Because of my previous experience with DB I am fairly comfortable with mODBC
which is pretty much the same as TTAble etc.  I have also worked with DB
controls and TDataSet etc.

Any and all help would  be greatly appreciated- and I would be especially
thankful if someone is able to answer occasional emails with questions
during the duration.

If you feel you can help me, please reply to my email address as well as the
news group.

Thank you in advance,
Jamie Frater.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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