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 DBGrid problems

Hi all

 I am having a problem with DBGrids, I have two dbgrids in a master detail
relationship.  I need to enter data in the child dbgrid/table only if
in of the fields in the master dbgrid/table contails the value = 'Y'
this does not seem very dificult but my problem arrises in that when
I insert a record in the master dbgrid/table and then post it the record
flies to the relative index position leaving the current table cursor
pointing to the wron record.  Now my detail dbgrid/table in which I
am entering info is connected to the wrong master record.  I have a
event handler for the afterpost in the master table to change the focus
to the datail table if the right value is in the field.

I have tried bookmarks, and even saving the values of the key field in
variables so that in the on enter event of the detail grid, I could do a
seek into the master table.  This does not works all the time.

Questions  Is there a way to make the cursor of the table follow the
           record when it flies to the relative position in the index?
           (This can be done in Paradox).

           Any other elegant way of doing this?

           This particular form does a part number receiving for an
           inventory system that has to handle serial numbers.

Thanks in advance
Jose R. Nebro

Tue, 17 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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