Request help on creating D2 DLL forms for use in Access 
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 Request help on creating D2 DLL forms for use in Access

This has probably been answered several times in the past,
but I can't find any correct answers in a newsgroup search
(believe me, I've tried searching first)... so if anyone
could help me I'd appreciate it.  TIA

I would like to create forms in Delphi, saved in a DLL and
then opened/executed from within MS-Access (2.0).  Even the
most basic gives me an "invalid DLL" error when executed
from Access (yet works fine when called from delphi itself
as an external function).  I am trying to create
specifically a directory browser dialog to use from within
an Access module.  I don't have the ADT, so I figured I'd
just create my own dialog. Some code samples or reference
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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