TFloat field problem 
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 TFloat field problem

I have written a DLL using delphi 1 which writes to a Paradox 5 database. I
have a number of Paradox number fields which are classed as TFloatFields in
Delphi.  If I enter numbers through DBEdit boxes on a form, integers are
stored correctly, however decimals are converted to something else.  E.g. 2.3
is stored as 10 and 2.33 as 100.  I have tried to alter the DisplayFormat but
this only the display values already in the database.

The strangest thing is that when  I set up the same form and DBEdit boxes and
make a .exe data is stored properly.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Ann Fenton

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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