Refreshing grids. 
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 Refreshing grids.


>Hi there.

>How would you do a grid refresh in multiuser environment?
>I mean, that in Paradox, if 2 users have the same table open
>and one user edits it, the other gets to see the changes as
>soon the first users posts the edits. But if I have a delphi
>form with a TDBGrid and one user edits the table and then posts
>the changes, the other user doesn't see it until he does
>TTable.Refresh or close & open.

>In fact, if a user edits a table, do I get any sort of
>indication to my program if I have the same table open?
>Now I have done this with a timer, which does refresh
>every couple of seconds, but that doesn't just feel right.

This is equivelent to the way Paradox does it although I think
the default frequency is longer (15 or 30 sec). I have tended
not to bother refreshing regularly unless it is likely to be
significant in the use of the system as it will degrade the
performance of the system.

Donald Oddy
Grove Systems Ltd.                                    0161-224 4465

Sun, 17 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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