Openning a ttable 
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 Openning a ttable

Please Help!

I am a new user of Delphi.  For many years I have been programming
with COBOL on IBM mainframes in an MVS environment.  My problem is
this.  I am trying to learn Delphi/Pascal by going through the
examples presented in the manuals.  The example on page 37-38 in the
Database application developer's guide has alot of errors.  I was able
to overcome most of them.  The one lingering problem is how can I open
the second table without placing the open instruction in the
ItemsCalcFields procedure.  I called Borland , at MY great expense,
and they lead me to believe that I could take one of two options:
Change the active property to true for the table or code the open
instruction in the CreateForm procedure.  The first option worked but
the second did not. Why?  I am confused!

Wed, 20 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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