Has anyone already encountered this ? 
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 Has anyone already encountered this ?


We have a made a big database application.
Relying on the BDE, we are able to run it on many kind of system
(Novell, NT, Solarnet, ...) with many kind of DB (paradox, sql server,
We already have a fair amount of customer and all work well for
them... Except for one (our biggest) :
He runs on NT with paradox tables and they always get 'cannot read
from drive E' error messages whenever two people try to insert a blob
in a table concurrently.
As we have tried everything, and as our customer (and their technical
staff) threatens us from withdrawing, saying that it is our delphi
program which is the source of the problem (we are convinced it is a
NT tune-up whih has to be done) I'm posting this here : Have someone
already encountered that kind of problem ? Is there something I should
check ?


Christian Huwaert (Brussels, Belgium)

soft. devel.
Christian Huwaert (Brussels, Belgium)

Wed, 20 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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