ORA-01410 invalid ROWID 
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 ORA-01410 invalid ROWID


We made an application using delphi 5 and Oracle 7.3.4 as dbms. So far so
Recently, we migrated to Oracle 8. Now, we sometimes (!!) get the error
"ORA-01410 invalid ROWID". Does anyone know why this occurs en how we can
fix the problem? We already downloaded the latest BDE, bu it doesn't seem to

Please, help us...

Johan Rudolphus
Assen, the Netherlands

This is what I found about the error in the Oracle helpfile:

ORA-01410 invalid ROWID

Cause: A ROWID was entered incorrectly. ROWIDs must be entered as formatted
hexadecimal strings using only numbers and the characters A through F.A
typical ROWID format is '000001F8.0001.0006'.
Action: Check the format, then enter the ROWID using the correct format.
ROWID format: block id, row in block, file id.

Tue, 20 Jan 2004 04:41:54 GMT  
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