Access Violation with TQuery as both Master/Detail: problem resolved 
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 Access Violation with TQuery as both Master/Detail: problem resolved

I tried hooking up two tquerys and corresponding datasources as M/S
today. Upon trying to make the detail query active in the IDE, I would
get an access violation in IDSQL32.DLL.

After a lot of headscratching, I finally found the problem. I had
formatted the detail query like so:

SELECT Anl_MiddelNr
WHERE :FordelingsSted = FORDSTED.FordelingsSted

When i changed the WHERE clause to have the parameter last, like so:

WHERE FORDSTED.FordelingsSted = :FordelingsSted

The access violations disappeared.

I cant remember reading anything about this anywhere in my D3
literature, is this a bug or just an oversight on my part?


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