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 BLOB has been Modified

BLOB has been modified/Table is corrupted

I'm running a delphi 3 Application using Paradox 4 formatted tables
(Created in PDx5)
I have a table running on a server network with 30 people accessing it.
This table has two key indexs and a M240 field for unformatted memo text
storage. The table is  85,000 in size made up of Table.DB 29MB and Table MB

I can't track the problem down but get a random BLOB has been modified
error or Table is corrupt error this error appears on different machines at
different times.

I've tried all the 'normal fixes' to no avail.

The  machines all have  LOCAL SHARE set to true on all machines.
I have the dbisavechanges programmed into Delphi to force a disk write.
All other tables running on the network are fine.
The table with the problem stores A4 letters, another table with exactly
the same structure stores telephone calls, this table has never corrupted
however it's not as large nor is it accessed at the same time by as many

The only theories I have at the moment are that the table is too large?? or
Windows 95 is somehow intefering with the BDE and throwing it out of

Any suggestions would be appreciated

James L.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
 BLOB has been Modified

>BLOB has been modified/Table is corrupted

My applications are heavily memo field populated, and I see this error from
 time to time on single user systems as well as networked systems. I believe it
 comes from a an incorrect exit while in edit mode.

I have found no prevention... but once it occurrs, the only fix I have found it
 to create a new file by using a batch move (bmcopy) , then renaming the new
 file to the old file name. This has always corrected the BLOB has been
 modified message for me.

Hope that helps!

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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