corel suite breaks Delphi BDE 
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 corel suite breaks Delphi BDE


Got this little strangeness.

I noticed some time back that if you load Corel Suite 8 which
includes various db drivers before oyu load delphi (3 or 5) you have
trouble with accessindg the database stuff from Delphi, most notably
back then I noticed you coudl not select the database type when
setting up aliases in InstallShield Express.

The solution was to uninstall Delphi, uninstall Corel Suite (and use
regedit to 'really' remove all references to the Corel db drivers,
reload Delphi, reload Corel Suite.


now we have this old PC here that had Corel loaded before the Borland
db drivers.  I loaded the db drivers a coupla weeks back so a new
staff member could run one of our apps.
well, it runs, and can access various aspects of the database (all
Paradox and ESRI MapObjects.)

However, we have now found that THAT machine will not do an
'addrelate'.   Addrelate is the mechanism whereby one relates an
external table of data to a column within a map database, and uses
that additional data to 'color' the map or similar.
In doing this we have had to force our relate table (we create it at
runtime) to be db IV format.   it works on any machine that has had
Delphi loaded before Corel Suite 8

any ideas on fixing it other than the unload/reload cycle?


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Tue, 23 Dec 2003 16:15:40 GMT  
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