Sybase 11 NT server becoming unresponsive 
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 Sybase 11 NT server becoming unresponsive

We are new to Sybase (developing our first application in delphi 2.0
for Win95 clients), and have experienced the following problem:

When testing one of the functions in our new app, the client app would
suddenly seem to hang. Windows 95 would list the client app as "Not
responding". Eventually (within a few hours), *all* Sybase clients,
including WISQL, isql, etc. would all hang this way when trying to
connect to the Sybase server. Investigation showed that SQL Server
(and NT) was actually idle, apparently (see below) because the server
wasn't hearing the connect requests. So the server wasn't actually
hung or locked up, it was just unresponsive. Shutting down and
restarting SQL Server would resolve the problem.

This has been happening with version 11.0.2 on NT 4.0 (service pack
1). Sybase tech support says it's a bug in the netlib layer, and had
me apply SRW 7305, so that we're now at version 11.0.3. So far we've
been running for about a week without a recurrence. The problem is, my
developers and management are unsettled by the fact that Sybase have
been unable to tell us how we can be sure the problem is fixed, as in
"How can I see if the problem is occurring?" "You can't." "How can I
tell if the problem is fixed?" "The server keeps running."

So my question is, has anyone else had experience with this problem?
Can you tell me more about the problem? What was your solution? Are
you convinced it's fixed?


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Sun, 09 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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