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 Delphi Printing Question

Expert Sirs in delphi Programming

My name is Walter Ivan Ramos, I Write from Maracay, Venezuela.  I program
from seven months ago in Borland DELPHI 2.0 Desktop version.  I am
developing a billing system that requires a paper size of a third of the
size paper Letter, in other words:   8,5" width by 3,68" of high, I work
under windows 95, my printer  driver is the  Epson LX-810 and my Printer is
a Epson LX-300.  The impression format is made with Quickreport 1.0d that
comes in the Delphi 2.0 CD, that by certain there is mistaken calculating
totals Using the QRCALC VCL.    I hope  you have more experience with
impressions under Delphi, and  you can help me to print it.

I thank may have response it but soon possible and send it to this e-Email:

                                                                        Walter Ivan Ramos.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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