Conecting with BDE 
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 Conecting with BDE

I'm trying to use an access to the BDE to know if a record is locked or not, so I can avoid the
exception of record locked. I'm trying to use the DbiIsRecordLocked of the BDE in the next

procedure TForm1.Table1BeforeEdit(DataSet: TDataset);
var bloqueado : Bool;
    vuelta    : DBIResult;

   vuelta := DbiisRecordLocked(Table1.Handle, bloqueado);

   case vuelta of
   DBIERR_NONE : Showmessage('OK');
   DBIERR_BOF : Showmessage('DBIERR_BOF');
   DBIERR_EOF : Showmessage('DBIERR_EOF');

   if bloqueado then
     raise Eabort.CreateRes(0);


And I dicorver that I allways get a DBIERR_BOF and bloqueado is set with True, never
minds whether the record is beeing edited in other computer or not.

Does anyone what is wrong in my code?. Is any other way of doing this?.
Thanks in advance.

Mon, 18 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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