How do I retrive record values? 
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 How do I retrive record values?


>I have a datasource component and a table component on my form, along
>with a couple of listboxes.  What I am trying to do is set the index of
>the table component and retrieve the values from a specific field and
>populate the listbox items.  I have been playing with the DBComboBox
>component, but I can't seem to make this work either (at least not the
>way I want it to).

Try this:
Table1.IndexName := 'newindex'; {set index}
Table1.first;                   {goto start of index}

while not Table1.eof do
         Table1.Next;                   {goto next record}

Why not use the DBLookUpCombo???

simply add DataSource and DataField where to post the choosen
information and add LookUpSource, LookUpField and LookUpDisplay
to bring up to list to choose from.

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