D3 Pro->MSAccess97 How? 
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 D3 Pro->MSAccess97 How?


I'm feeling like a complete idiot here - what do I need to do to access
an MDB?

* Do I need more than a TTable?  I would have thought that ttDefault and
a a database name with an MDB extension would be all it needs (isn't
that the point of ttDefault?).

* Do I need TDatabase?  If so, what do I fill in for "Name"? "Alias
Name"? "Driver name"? "Parameters"?  There is no online help ("topic not
found")!   Every combination I try yields "Invalid directory" or Invalid
params.." (not very helpful messages).

* There is already an item (alias?) in the dropdowns entitled "MS Access
97 Database".  Do I need to make a new one?  Modify it?  Create a
separate alias for every MDB file?

* How does one use BDE Administrator?  It is constantly asking me to
login (even for DBase!) - where does one define the usernames and
passwords it's asking for (or just turn it off)?  I cannot find this in
the documentation.

Any help appreciated.

-Jim Green

Tue, 17 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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