Focus in DBLookupListBox? 
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 Focus in DBLookupListBox?

In a dbgrid, I have a DBLookupListBox. It is non-visible at runtime
until the focus is on the relevant column.
It is then shown with the following code:

      SetWindowPos(DBLookupListBox1.Handle, // handle
                   0, // change z-order
                   Rect.Left + DBGridInsem.Left - 60, // left
                   Rect.Top + -20, // top
                   Rect.Right - Rect.Left + 200, // width
                   Rect.Bottom - + 120, // height
                   SWP_NOZORDER or SWP_SHOWWINDOW); // flags
      DBLookupListBox1 := TRUE;

The listbox is populated from a TQuery.
I can get the selected item form the listbox with the mouse, but how
to get the focus in the listbox so the arrow keys can be used?
SetActive does not seem to work, but if I show the canfocus property
in a showmessageit is True.
Please help.
Thank you
Johan Smit

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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