JOB: Looking for Sybase PowerBuilder or Borland Delphi Product Managers/Product Marketeers 
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 JOB: Looking for Sybase PowerBuilder or Borland Delphi Product Managers/Product Marketeers

Flames to /dev/null (NULL: for PC people ;-)

With the recent poor financial results of Sybase and Borland, and the upcoming layoffs at
those companies, I want to extend an offer to employees working on Sybase PowerBuilder
and Borland Delphi.  Unlike those two products, Oracle's tools are doing very well,
experiencing solid growth and now with the largest revenues of any client/server toolset --
about $145,000,000 in Developer/2000 new licenses (not counting upgrade or service
revenues) in the latest fiscal year.  Developer/2000 also solidly beat Sybase PowerBuilder
and Borland delphi in all recent comparisons -- like the front page InfoWorld review last week
and the ComputerWorld/IDC study mentioned in ComputerWorld this week.

If you work at either of those companies on either of those products, please contact Oracle.
We've got dozens of positions open for you!  You can find out more in our job postings on

In particular, my group is looking for top product management/product marketing people from
either Sybase's PowerBuilder team or Borland's Delphi team.  We need competitive analysts,
channel marketing, and technical marketing/product management people to fill some openings
in our team.

you, and we're not laying people off.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks!

Sun, 20 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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