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 Help with master/detail report

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I have one (interbase) table with the customer name stored along with
the transactions (yes, not normalized). I need to make a master/detail
report, but can't find a way (quickreport and reportsmith).


            Item 1        Aug-12
            Item 2        Aug-13
            Item 1        Aug-13
            Item 2        Aug-13


[I need one page per customer]

Table looks like:

John   Item 1        Aug-12
John   Item 2        Aug-13
Sally   Item 1        Aug-13
Sally   Item 2        Aug-13

I need to do a select distinct first to get the names and for each name
get the corresponding transactions... I can't get the SQL to work
either, can anyone help??  (Sorry, I wasn't responsible for the creation
of the table :-)



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Tue, 01 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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