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 Heterogeneous System Agent

Hi All

I'm developing a project using delphi v3 and Oracle v8.
For the connection with the above RDBMS I use a third party tool
(Direct Oracle Access v3.22) from which I'am very pleased
(native direct access, No BDE or ODBC, fast).
The problem is that my application (in some installations) would have
to communicate with another RDBMS (probably Ingress) in order to
read some fields such as IDs for instance.One solution would be to
use ODBC drivers, although I would not like it since for the time being
I'm indepented from BDE and ODBC drivers and the stuff I need to read from
the second RDBMS is very limited.Checking the Oracle documentation I found a
topic about Heterogeneous Systems Agent
which (as described) seems to be the ideal solution for my problem.
But I have not the luxury of time of testing it and finding out that it's
realy working as I suspected and then try to find another solution.

Does any one has any experience about Oracle Heterogeneous Agent ?

Is it realy working as it's described in Oracle documentation ?

If it does, is it difficult to establish such an Agent in work ?

Thank you in andvance for your reply

Best Regards

Mytskidis Georgios

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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