Help Needed with TRemote Server + Client Data Sets 
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 Help Needed with TRemote Server + Client Data Sets

I'm running an application on standalone pc's.  Every day, each standalone p.c
user connects to a central server in order to apply any work done that day.
Also, they need to download any new/changed information that is on the server
which head office have entered.

Here's how I'm doing things at the moment...

1.) On disconnected standalone p.c's I use SaveToFile for each dataset.
2.) The standalone P.C then connects to the server via remote access..
3.) The server app is run on connect.
4.) I call Load from File for the server's client dataset
5.) I call apply updates for the server's client dataset

Nothing gets updated. (I've tried setting packet records to 0, -1, and other
numbers but to no avail.!)

Is it something to do with the changes log stored, or something obvious that I
am missing.

Thanks in anticipation


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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