Devrace FIBPlus 4.7 has been published 
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 Devrace FIBPlus 4.7 has been published

Hello, All!

Devrace FIBPlus 4.7 is available for evaluation.

>> What's new?


1. Work with client blob-filters has been added (Special
   thanks to Ravin Ivan).

2. In TFIBDatabase there has been added a new
   ddoSavePassword option in the DesignDBOptions
   property. If this option is active the password is
   not saved in dfm.

3. A new improved design-time SQL Generator dialogue.

4. Now FIBPlus has been localized into German, Portuguese
   (Europe), Spain, Russian and Ukraine languages.

   (not included into the trial-version).

5. New following ancestors for standard field types
   have been added:

   TFIBDateField,         (* ftDate *)
   TFIBTimeField,         (* ftTime *)
   TFIBDateTimeField,     (* ftDateTime *)
   TFIBBlobField,         (* ftFmtMemo *)

   They enable users to have the OnFieldChange event
   handlers for the fields of the above-mentioned types.

6. A new directive in {$DEFINE FIB_FIELDS_VER2}
   has been added. When being activated, FIBPlus uses the
   new above-mentioned field types as TFIBDateTimeField,
   TFIBDateField, TFIBTimeField, TFIBBlobField. If this
   option is not active, standard field types are used.

7. In PrepareOptions of TpFIBDataset there has been added
   an psSQLINT64ToBCD option. If it is active, so fields of
   the Numeric(18,x) type, which have x >4, are handled by
   TFIBBCDField instead of TFloatField. This helps to avoid
   computational errors.

8. The algorithm of blob-field memory release has been
   changed in TpFIBDataSet. Before this each refresh caused
   the creation of a new TStream instance without deletion
   of the old one. Complete deletion happened only after
   TpFIBDataSet reopening. Sometimes this caused double
   memory use when updating or inserting records. Now the
   old TStream instance is immediately destroyed.

9. In TpFIBQuery there have been added such following
   methods of packet record handling as:

   procedure BatchInputRawFile(const FileName: string);
   procedure BatchOutputRawFile(const FileName: string);
   procedure BatchToQuery(ToQuery: TFIBQuery; Mappings:

   There has also been added an event, which is called
   during all BatchXXX operations.

   property OnBatching   : TOnBatching

   The TOnBatching type is described as

   TOnBatching = procedure(BatchOperation: TBatchOperation;
     RecNumber: integer; var BatchAction: TBatchAction)
     of object;

   TBatchOperation = (boInput, boOutput, boOutputToQuery);
   RecNumber equals the current number of the record being
   TBatchAction = (baContinue, baStop, baSkip);

   baContinue - tro continue
   baStop     - to stop
   baSkip     - to skip the current record and continue

10. To solve problems with ClientDataSet and
   Numeric(18, xxx) fields there have been added such new
   components as: TpFIBClientDataSet and TpFIBDataSetProvider,
   which are analogies of the standard TClientDataSet and
   TDataSetProvider classes. To install them use
   pFIBDBMidas7.dpk. More details on the installation read
   in Install.txt.

   Note: We highly recommend you to use these classes
         instead of the standard ones!

Fixed bugs:

1. The protectedEdit handling error occurred when calling the
   Commit method of a transaction from the AfterPost event

2. Work of TFIBBCDField for fields of the Numeric(18,x) type
   for SQLDialect 3 (error with overflow, computational errors)
   has been fixed.

3. Memory leak when working with active TFIBSQLMonitor has
   been fixed.

4. An error of TBlobField.Clear work has been fixed.

5. An infrequent error of work with blob-fields has been fixed.
   In the previous versions refresh of blob-fields happened
   even if they had not been set in RefreshSQL. Moreover the
   old blob version was loaded from the server. Now if you do
   not set blob-fields in RefreshSQL, they are not refreshed.

6. An error in TFIBXSQLVAR.Assign has been fixed. It occurred
   in the form of IsNull = false (and the field was equal null).

7. A number of errors in TFIBOutputRawFile and TFIBInputRawFile
   realization have been fixed.

8. An error in ApplyUpdates in the case of active filtering
   mode has been fixed.

9. Some corrections of TSIBfibEventAlerter have been applied.

10. An error of ApplyUpdToBase has been fixed. It occurred when
    successively calling Edit, Refresh and CancelUpdates.

11. An error of local sorting of lookup-fields has been fixed.

12. poProtectedEdit did not activate UpdateTransaction.

>> What is FIBPlus?

FIBPlus is a component suite intended for work with
Interbase. It is direct, fast and flexible InterBase
connectivity for delphi and C++ Builder. FIBPlus
supports Delphi 3-6 and C++ Builder 3-6 and all versions
of Interbase 4.X-6.X and Firebird.

Using FIBPlus in your applications you do not need to
install any additional software except Interbase Client
Software. FIBPlus supports all special Interbase
features such as array-fields, event alerters,
blob-fields, etc.

FIBPlus is a native component set and its evaluation
versions are distributed partially in sources.
Registering FIBPlus you get full sources of components
and technical support.

Get more details about FIBPlus in Feature Matrix:

FIBPlus Benefits:

                            * * *

site: http://www.*-*-*.com/ , http://www.*-*-*.com/ !

Sincerely yours,

Devrace - software for developers!

url   : http://www.*-*-*.com/ , http://www.*-*-*.com/
        http://www.*-*-*.com/ , http://www.*-*-*.com/

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