Select parameters and QR 
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 Select parameters and QR

>  Using D3 and a .dbf file, I want to leave a QuickReport form with 4
> blank text fields and then let the user choose whatever four fields of
> the database he would like to put in the QR by choosing from a listbox
> (or similar) of the fieldnames....Is there a way I can say SELECT X,Y
>FROM MYDATABASE by passing the values to X and > Y? Thanks,

 Since no one else has answered you, let me try. :)

 Your problem is that you are focusing on the Select statement variables
and forgetting that the whole Select statement can be put into a string
variable. Here's how you can do it:

 1) Put the fields in a CheckListBox with controls so that the user
doesn't choose more than four
 2) Feed the choices into a ListBox
 3) Put the ListBox index values into a string array
 4) Put the string values into the DataField property:  
repForm.QDBText0.DataField := Value[0], etc.
 5) Concantenate the string, something like: 'Select ' + Value[0] + ' '
+Value[1] (etc.) + 'from Database)'
 6) run the report

 Hope this helps. :)
Brad Blanchard

Thu, 26 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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