I see no Advanced Options button using Reportsmith - ?? 
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 I see no Advanced Options button using Reportsmith - ??

I'm using ReportSmith to design some fairly simple columnar reports. The data
is spread across several tables, so when I design the report I end up with a
fair amount of spurious fields that are used to link the tables. I also have
some fields calculated by macros, such as a person's initials from their
forename. Hardly groundbreaking stuff.

My problem is this: the RS manual instructs me to use the 'Advanced Options'
of the column selection dialogue box to change the displaying of columns, so
I could have some columns used only to select the data and some in the report
but invisible, and others present and visible. This would be really good.

The online help seems to have a screenshot of a column selection dialogue box
with a couple of checkboxes for the same idea.

The problem is, my copy of RS doesn't have either, and I can't find any way
to do what I want. It doesn't seem to be a prticularly strange idea to me. If
RS really can't do this it would seem to be a bit of a problem for a
reporting tool.

So have I missed something somewhere? Is it possible to have fields in a
report for calculation only, and not display them?

Thanks in advance,


Sat, 28 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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