Newbie question about moving thru table line by line 
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 Newbie question about moving thru table line by line

Well, I said it was late -- the SQL function you need is SUM
and it goes something like this

SELECT SUM(Number_Type-Column) FROM YourTable
SomeBooleanColumn = TRUE;

Something like that, anyway. You can, of course join lotsa tables to
create this query.

Good luck,

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
 Newbie question about moving thru table line by line

>I am new to Delphi and I am trying to write a small program that moves
>through a table record by record, starting and ending at date values
>specified by the user, and for each record checks if a field is set to true,
>in which case the value of another field is added to a running total. I have
>some programming knowledge in C and BASIC so I'm pretty sure I can figure out
>how to do the fairly simple if statement for each row, but what I need to
>know is how to move thru a table a record at a time and obtain the value of
>each field. I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks!

>Oh yeah, I'm using Delphi 4 Professional, and I have already got the table
>displayed in the program using DataSource, Table and DBGrid components.

If your table isn't that big then the best way to handle this is just to go
into a while loop:

while not Table1.Eof do
     if (Table1.FieldByName('YourFieldNameHere').AsString = 'True') and
         (Table1.FieldByName('YourDateField').AsDate = YourDate) then
            do some stuff

If you have a large table the best thing to do is to use a Query object as{*filter*}
as already suggested.

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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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