Too many record locks on this table 
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 Too many record locks on this table

Hello to anyone!!!
  I have this messagge displayed when I try to post a master record after
posting the details lines. I use pardox with bde .

More information:
I have a master deatail relashionship, in order to use it across a network I
runtime create a new detail table for the current user, to avoid detail key
violations. I insert my master records fields and the a siries of detail
lines. I try to post the master record and sometimes the exception in object
is displayed. What Does it depend on?  After the master post I execute a
batchmove to update the primary detail table, I thought it could depend on
it but tha code is not executed. I will apprisciate any advice.

Marco Cotroneo

Tue, 19 Aug 2003 16:16:50 GMT  
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