ReportPrinter Component Suite 1.1 Released 
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 ReportPrinter Component Suite 1.1 Released

Nevrona Designs is proud to announce the official release of
ReportPrinter 1.1, the delphi component suite that puts the power of
creating reports back into the hands of the programmer where it
belongs.  A demo, including a fully functional trial-run version of
the components and extensive documentation, is available at the ftp
site in the directory /users/j/jgunkel/delphi in the
file  This file has also been uploaded to many of the
other Delphi ftp site and should start becoming visible in the next
few days.

Some of ReportPrinter's main features are:
* ReportPrinter does not have any extra files (like DLL's or VBX's).
Reports are compiled right into your application using native Delphi
code (Object Pascal).
* ReportPrinter comes with full source code and is written entirely in
Delphi Object Pascal.
* ReportPrinter has much faster execution of reports over report
writers like ReportSmith because it's not a seperate program to load
and connect to the database engine (which can be quite slow over a
* ReportPrinter is compatible with any database engine that Delphi
supports, however, ReportPrinter does not require a database engine.
This is very useful for non-database applications that still need to
produce printed output of some type.
* ReportPrinter can print memo fields (or any text stream) with word
wrapping (even across multiple pages).
* ReportPrinter does not need a separate installation program.
* ReportPrinter has a footprint of less than 50K.
* ReportPrinter can left, center and right justify text within tabbed
columns (with boxes around text for a grid or horizontal/vertical
lined style table listing)
* ReportPrinter has columns that will automatically wrap the cursor to
the next column.
* ReportPrinter has full graphics capability (bitmaps, lines,
* ReportPrinter uses real-world measurements  like inches, mm and can
even use a custom unit scale.
* ReportPrinter generates precise page positioning (useful for
pre-printed forms).
* ReportPrinter has a fast and powerful Print Preview component with
zooming, panning and after preview printing capabilities.
* ReportPrinter uses event handlers for printing parts of each page
(header or footer) as well as notify events for handling events such
as a new page or new column.

If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us at

Jim Gunkel
Nevrona Designs

Tue, 03 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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