Delphi and ODBC connection to Access MDB database 
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 Delphi and ODBC connection to Access MDB database

I have been trying to create an application in 16-bit delphi that uses an Access
database via ODBC (ODBC installed from MCVC++ 1.52c) for a local non-profit. I would
like to keep the Access database so my customer can still use his existing Access
reports. However, I have been encountering lots of problems.

I have been able to successfully connect to the Access database and edit its
contents. However, I have been unable to use the methods First, Last, Next, Prior and
FindKey. I haven't been able to determine the current record # like I could for
Paradox tables. I also have not been able to get a live query when I use a LIKE
condition. It always gives me an error unless I have RequestLive = false. However, I
can get a LIVE query using LIKE and paradox tables.

So, what's the deal? I need to be able to do live wildcard queries in the Access
database, but so far it looks like the BDE/ODBC connection will not let me do this.
Or if possible get FindKey to work on a TTable connected to the database using data
from the unlive query to find the live TTable record. I also need access to the
methods like First, Last, Prior, Next, FindKey. Is this possible or is it a lost
cause? Has anyone been able to create something using BDE/ODBC that can really use an
Access database? Why do these not work, is it on BDE's side or ODBC's side? I've
tried using BDE 2.52. Is there a more recent ODBC that might fix this, mine is
ODBCJT16.DLL dated 11/94?



Jonathan Crockett

Fri, 06 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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