DBE driver for MS Sql Server 6.5 
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 DBE driver for MS Sql Server 6.5


I uses delphi 2.0 workking with Sql Server 6.5 for NT 4.0.
My databese is configured with multilanguale 850 char set in order to sort
hebrew chars
The hebrew char field in the tables are saved on OEM ( 128..154 ascii)

When  I use the dos (Clipper) application it works perfect ( perfect means
than every field was
saved in the database was retrieved with the save characters without any

When I use delphi , field in the table are changed ( only characters that
from 128..154), (numbers and English chars are retrieved currectly).

I changed the DBE configiration to other drivers like SyBase hebrew and
Oracle Hebrew but
it didn't help.

I know that most of the programers don't have this problem because they
don't work with Hebrew or Arabic chars, but if anyone did, please seggest
me a solution.

Does anybody

Sun, 17 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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