Crystal Report from Delphi 4.0 
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 Crystal Report from Delphi 4.0

How can I run a Crystal Report from delphi 4.0

Thank You.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
 Crystal Report from Delphi 4.0
That is very easy.

1. You must have report 'ready to go' (Crystal keeps reports in *.rpt files,
one report can
consist of one 'rpt' or more - depends on the structure and so on...). This
part you have to do using
Crystal report writer.

2.Then you have to register Crystal ActiveX in Delphi. If you have installed
Crystal report in proper way, it is very easy task. You just start Delphi,
go to the 'Components->Import ActiveX library' menu option. You will see all
registered servers. Find appropriate ActiveX (I do not remember exactly the
name but it is has 'Crystal' inside) and double clic on it.

3.Once you have done point 2, new ActiveX component will show up on
'ActiveX' Delphi VCL palette.

4.Put that component on your form, like any other component. Fill in
appropriate fields. There is at least one you must use: ReportFileName.  I
guess you will be interested in more customized action, so you will play
with more fields  (for details see the Crystal help or documentation).  Of
course the best way to fill those fields is to do it during run time ( you
can put some user selections, your application configurations and so on )

5.If you finished ActiveX parametrization the only thing you have to do is
assign value '1' to field named Action - this will launch the report.

It works very nice, but you have to spend some time learning Crystal
ActiveX. For more advenced using some knowledge of COM technology could be

Good luck.


> How can I run a Crystal Report from Delphi 4.0

> Thank You.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
 Crystal Report from Delphi 4.0
The simplest way to use Crystal is ActiveX. But. It doesn't always work.
We had some problems using ActiveX. It has multiple bugs in parameters
sending to report. Espessially it concerning reports with subreports: I
had to change source code for VCL component wich uses ActiveX.
Now we are using Crystal API. And there are no such more bugs as before.
But. Parameters are the most ill place of Crystal. On some PC's doesn't
work properly string parameters on others - integer.

I have a year experience using Crystal 7.0. And the best way of it's
using is to drop the CD on wich it distributed. There are so many bugs
in it. But there are and some futures. So if you have not other choice
you have to start using Crystal over it's API functions. I'll read this
conference sometimes and maybe would help you.

Sorry for English. It's not my native language.

P.S. if you'll have any questions about Crystal, just say it me. I am
sure now I can solve most of your problems.


> How can I run a Crystal Report from Delphi 4.0

> Thank You.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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