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Keane, Inc., one of the nations most prestigious consulting firms
(, has exciting opportunities for professionals
experienced in delphi programming and database design.  These
opportunities are located in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah and other
locations.  Some travel may be required with expenses paid.  To be
considered, you must have previous work experience with Delphi and be a
US citizen or already  have immigration status allowing you to work in
the United States.  Please send resume, salary requirements and
relocation preferences to:

Keane, Inc.
10150 Centennial Parkway
Suite 400
Sandy, UT 84070

801-256-2085 ph
801-256-2086 fax
800-735-3263, ext. 2051 voice mail

The Keane Difference:

*       The trend today is for companies to outsource their IS/IT
needs.  Keane has the experience, expertise and resources to provide
solutions to tough software and other IS problems.  Keane specializes
in providing outsourcing services and project management.  By joining
Keane, you become a beneficiary rather than a victim of the outsourcing
*       As a full time, regular employee on Keanes payroll, you are
part of a team of 5000 consultants who receive regular income and full
*       Our main business is our consultants.  Therefore, to remain
successful, we must have motivated and highly trained consultants.  
With Keane, you are not just overhead or a necessary evil, but highly
valued members of the Keane business.
*       Keane offers and encourages its employees to get various kinds
of training in Information Technology.  With Keane, you can broaden and
upgrade your skills.
*       As a Keane consultant, you are exposed to a variety of
protocols and platforms and you get the variety most professionals
*       Keane has over 40 branches and the opportunity to work within
the area where you reside.  Large amounts of travel or moving around
are seldom required.

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