About Sharing Data(Foxpro dbf). 
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 About Sharing Data(Foxpro dbf).

Hello, guys!!
I have some questions to ask.
Could you answer to me??

I made a program with Delphi3 and a program with C.
Two programs share a data file ( with Foxpro dbf extension ).
In windows95, I run two programs.
First I activated one program( PgmA for windows: programmed with
Delphi3) and
input new data(  I used TTable.post and Dbisavechange(TTable.Handle)).
Then I activated the other program( PgmB for Dos : programmed with C)
I could see  the new data at PgmB which had been input  at PgmA.
So to speak, I could see the change of data at a program for dos because

I used Dbisavechange.

Now, I try to input new data at a prmB and I want to see the change of
at a prmB by activating prmA after I input new data at a pgrmB.
yeah, I did like that.
I input new data at PrgmB and activated PrmA, But I could not new data
at PrmA.

Do you have any comment on this situation or any advice??

1)PrmA - (for windows, programmed with Delphi3.0 C/S and BDE 4.51)
  PrgB - (for Dos, programmed with C)

2)prmA and PrgB share an data file ( with dbf extension)

3)run two programs at windows95.

4)Condition : input new data at prmB.
              and activate prgmA.
  Question : want to see the new data at prmA input at promB
             when prgmA is activated.
             Any way??

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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