Paradox 5.0 data packing + Large Database Problem 
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 Paradox 5.0 data packing + Large Database Problem

This is my first posting to this news group so excuse me if these
problems have been answered before.

I have 2 probs.

1) I need to be able to pack a Paradox 5.0 database, as you usually do
        through database desktop, in my code, if anyone has the algo or
        can point me to the code it would be appreciated.

2) I writting some code which creates a database of 8,145,000 records,
        without fail the program produces the error "cannot perform op
        on a closed dataset".  This occurs when the database reaches
        134megabytes.  I think this must have something to do with index
        sizes.  I someone has had a similar problem and has a solution
        I would be very grateful for a reply.

Thank you

Nathan Challen
Sphinx Computer Solutions

Thu, 26 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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