Add/Remove Passwords in Code ? 
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 Add/Remove Passwords in Code ?

Is there a way to add and to remove a password for a
paradox-table inside the program-code (not for the session) ?

I have a big database with for about 80 MByte and tried
to ZIP them. The Result was: 79 MByte size of ZIP-File !
Uff, I sit down and wondered ! Then I thougth, Paradox
has something like an online-compression. Therefore, to
test this, build a small table with a 200-char field,
added 100 more or less empty rows and:
Surprise: The size was so big, that there can't be a online

After a few hours of testing, I got the result: If you
add a password to the database, the file is so encrypted
that ARJ or PKZIP can't pack it !

But my problem is: I still want to have a password on the
database and also want to pack the database (for backup)
and it's a very hard way to remove the password of any
table, make the backup and add it again.

So my question: Can I do this inside a own delphi-programm ?
It must be something like:

Backup ...

Or is there a totally different better way to do this ?

Thanx a lot and sorry for my poor english !


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Sat, 25 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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