MORE D3/Sybase/ODBC->Crash!BOOM! 
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 MORE D3/Sybase/ODBC->Crash!BOOM!

OK, well here's more information. Seems the offending code was the
application.Initialize staement in the project source. Also, I have found
that simply by looking around with database desktop i can get a GPF. Also,
the BDE Admin just threw up an invalid page fault in IDAPI. Database
desktop bombed when I was attempting to disconnect from the sybase alias.
     Still a bit squishy on the relationship between the ODBC DataSource
created in the ODBC admin, the ODBC Driver created within the BDE
Configuration page, and the alias created by the BDE admin database page,
and goofing around with those led to the idapi page fault.
     And what is most irritating is that this app worked fine in delphi 1.
Bombed in D3. So rebuilt from scratch in D3. Still bombs! Bummer.

Any ideas becoming more and more appreciated by the minute....

Brad Miller

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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