Delphi-ODBC-Ingres: Lots of connections 
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 Delphi-ODBC-Ingres: Lots of connections

Accessing INGRES via ODBC, every TQuery.ExecSql statement (to perform
updates/deletes etc) creates a new Ingres database connection rather than
using the original one created by TDatabase.Open. My DBA doesn't like this
as Ingres has a max number of connections and it soon runs out. All
connections are closed if the app terminates successfully but are left open
on abnormal termination.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? I have explicitly set
SessionName to "Default", fiddled with TDatabase.SharedHandle and
KeepConnections, etc. I am not using any data aware components. All
TQueries are "Prepared" prior to execution.

I am using CA-OpenIngres ODBC driver to connect delphi 3 with OpenIngres
2.0. (But have had similar problem with Ingres 6.4/OpenLink Win 32 - seemed
to be associated with TDbGrid component, but I am not using one this

Thanks in anticipation,

Dave Quinn

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
 Delphi-ODBC-Ingres: Lots of connections

Can't really help you on the CA ODBC Driver, but we've used Ingres for a lot
of years (since back in the RTL Days) and from early on the ODBC Driver was
resource hungry and not terribly stable. I am sure things have improved
since then, but we were obliged to look elsewhere for a solution and decided
to go with TechGnosis Sequelink. We started with this running on OPEN-VMS
and then moved to Solaris. The product was then bought by Intersolv who
still sell it. It has proved very stable and very quick and it does its
license counting based on the number of separate IP addresses that are
asking for connections. It still opens up a IIDBMS session for each query
that is executing, but they all come from the same front end Ingres session
and therefore don't count as separate users.
Ross Martin
(remove the dash from my email address ..antispam)


>Thanks in anticipation,

>Dave Quinn

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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