LOOKING FOR Form Designer/Printer 
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 LOOKING FOR Form Designer/Printer

I am looking for a Form Designer/Editor/Printer engine that behaves much
like Piparti Pro.  The product must have some special formatting
capabilities which are found in Crystal, like fixed (ie place footer on
bottom of page) positioning.  Must have ability to connect to a datasource
component to get it's data for the form.  The product must have a form
editor which can be distributed to end users so they can customize the
form.  Also, a large problem, have the ability to print repeating detail
items on the top and bottom of page (in the case of check printing for
laser printers who have the stub on the bottom and top of page) while
having a check body, (written amount, etc) sandwiched between the two.  I
have been looking at Piparti for a month now, and, as it is a great
product, will not do the things mentioned above.  Additionally our
requirements do not allow for the distribution of the Crystal Reports (big
licensing issue, we ship some serious product quantities).

Any help would be appreciated.  Please respond, along to the newsgroup, to

shut down (marketing decision) and I only can browse the news groups at


Sat, 06 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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