2.0 Database HELP! Wisdom Needed 
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 2.0 Database HELP! Wisdom Needed


>We're trying to host up a small 2-user database app. in delphi 2.0. So
>far, things are not going at all well.
>The original plan was to use ODBC to talk to the Access95 database (the
>database already exists) using Delphi 2.0. But that just seems to be a
>hopeless morass of bugs, and the best we could ever get is rubbish where
>data was supposed to be.  Plan scrapped.
>So now we're trying to use the Database Desktop to bring up a Paradox
>version of the Access database. (This loses the replication feature of
>Access95 which the design was counting on, but this approach at least
>displays the correct data in the grid, so I'm quite agreeable.)

>Delphi 2.0 manual states clearly that transactions are supported for
>local Paradox access, but it sure doesn't for us. The StartTransaction
>and Rollback methods are taken without error, but the rollback just
>doesn't do anything; the data is always committed. (Would a full-blown
>Paradox fix this?)
>Can someone suggest a good approach? Even though I love 2.0, I'm
>beginning to lose faith. We're two weeks into a 3 month project, and
>Progress:=0 and Ideas:=nil. So any help would be most gratefully

You probably already checked this, but... Do you have AutoCommit
turned on in your BDE connection?


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