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 Delphi and OODBMS


> Does anyone know if delphi can be attached to an object database (like

> poet, O2 and objectivity).

bit of a problem there -- most object databases use tight mapping
between the programming language and the data definition and
manipulation languages for the ODBMS.  makes it a lot easier to work
with your data, since it's much closer to the model expressed in the
programming language.  the downside is that, well, it's much closer to
the programming language, and unless the vendor provides you with a
language mapping, you're sorta stuck.  we have not yet found an ODBMS
that maps to delphi.

have you looked at POET's COM mapping?  one of our engineers downloaded
it but hasn't yet said much about it.  i've no idea how they addressed
COM's wonky ideas about inheritance (i.e., you don't inherit from a base
class, you just add an interface to the ones you support).

(yes, yes, COM zealots, i know about the fragile base class problem.  my
brain is wired for inheritance, cut me a little slack, OK?)

we're currently looking at using C++ Builder instead of Delphi for our
next project, largely because of the lack of OO databases.  sure would
appreciate hearing if you find a good 'un.


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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