App GPF closing because Report Smith ? 
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 App GPF closing because Report Smith ?

I have a big application having a gpf when I try to close it.
It is made by a main program calling several dlls.
In one of this dll there is a form with a TReport component.

If I remove this component all goes well.
If however I leave this component the program gpf when i try to close
it, even if I don't activate the report.

This happens only on wfw 3.11 and windows NT.
It never happened under win95.

Under wfw 3.11 it happens only on some computers,
and in those computers it happens ALWAYS.
Under NT I tried it only on one computer, on which it happens.

I think is something related to OLE or DDE but i am not sure.

Please help


Wed, 17 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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