Problem with Insert Method, Please Help... 
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 Problem with Insert Method, Please Help...


Using D4 C/S P3 & Paradox Tables.

I'm having a problem with records appearing in a table with no Job
Number or Index Number.

When the user clicks the "New Record" button. it seems that in some
cases the Insert Method is not being executed. This doesn't happen
often, but when it happens, the users cannot create any new records
because they get a Key Violation Error.

I haven't been able to track it down as yet and was wondering if
anyone else has seen the same problem.

The Insert Method basically opens the JobNumbers Table to read the
last job number used. It then increments the job number and saves it
back into the JobNumbers Table.

The Method then creates a new Job Number and Index Number using the
job number & year.
Here is the AfterInsert Method I'm using:

procedure TDM.AssessmentsAfterInsert(DataSet: TDataSet);
   JDRefNo, JDRefYear, newyear : word;
   Sender : TObject;
     newyear := strtoint(FormatDateTime('yyyy', now));
{ Calculate New Job Number }
     if JobNumbers.FindKey([newyear]) then
          DM.JobNumbersJobNo.AsInteger := DM.JobNumbersJobNo.AsInteger
+ 1;
          DM.JobNumbersYear.AsInteger := newyear;
          DM.JobNumbersJobNo.AsInteger := 1;
     JDRefYear := DM.JobNumbersYear.AsInteger;
     JDRefNo := DM.JobNumbersJobNo.AsInteger;

{ Save the new Job Number & Index to Assessments Table }
     DM.AssessmentsJobNoIndex.AsInteger := (JDRefYear * 100000) +
     DM.AssessmentsJDJobNo.ReadOnly := False; // Rev 1.13 RCP
     DM.AssessmentsJDJobNo.AsString :=
     DM.AssessmentsJDJobNo.ReadOnly := True;  // Rev 1.13 RCP

I've had some debug code in this Method to try catch what was
happening and it then that I found out the Method wasn't being called.

Can anyone can shed some light on this?

Many Thanks,


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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