ODBC connection from Delphi to RDB. 
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 ODBC connection from Delphi to RDB.


> Problems with the ODBC driver connection from delphi to DEC RDB.

> Using Oracle ODBC for RDB V2.00.12 and VAX RDB 6.1

> When I connect the Ttable object in Delphi to the Alias
> everything seems to work, but when I select table to connect to,
> some carbage characters appear in front of the table name.
> Still it shows all the right tables.
> When I try to remove the garbage characters in front of the table name
> and try to activate the connection I get the error message
> "Cannot connect to...   ODBC driver not capable."

This has been a problem with Borland Database Engine ever since
ODBC support was added to IDAPI. I (among others) have struggled with
the problem for a long time with little results.

Borland's Technical Support in Japan have identified the problem,
and they even have produced a patch to IDAPI (IDODBC01.DLL).
I was happy to receive the patch from Japan.  This patch
has removed the "carbage character in front of table table names"

Unfortunately this brings us only a bit further. If I use version
1.1 of Oracle Rdb ODBC driver, I can actually access the tables
in Rdb databases! But when I go to version 2 of Oracle Rdb ODBC
driver I get Driver not capable  message when trying to open
a table. Pass through SQL statements work fine with both versions
(and even without the patched IDODBC01.DLL).

This is a problem where I think Oracle Rdb developers and Borland
database engine developers should talk to each other. Lilian and
others, please! I would be glad to give more information on the nature
of the problem.

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