Quick Reports and SQL question 
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 Quick Reports and SQL question

I cannot seem to get a valid COUNT of the records in this dataset when
querying it like:

SELECT E.VendorName, E.AmountPaid, E.InvoiceDate, E.Category,  E.
Description, Sum(E.AmountPaid) Vendor_Total, COUNT(E.InvoiceDate)

FROM Expense E

WHERE InvoiceDate BETWEEN  (:pStartDate)  AND  (:pEndDate)
AND Category = (:pCategory)
OR VendorName = (:pVendorname)
GROUP BY  VendorName, InvoiceDate, AmountPaid, Category, Description

The Query returns the data fine on the report, grouped right, etc ..,
but does not return anything but "1" for the

I have tried a QR Expression label as: COUNT(Expenses.VendorName) etc..

And the label only shows up as the expression value.  Not the COUNT

Any help would be grealt appreciated..



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