Delphi vs. SmallTalk hlp pls 
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 Delphi vs. SmallTalk hlp pls


Need some help pls:

I have to present my suggestion of a system on Friday 3/96. The client is an
insurance company : IBM, OS/2, DB2/2. The system to be developed must:

- interface to their DB2/2 Server (real-time or batch)
- operate on a PC-LAN
- operate standalone
- operate in Windows (OS/2 would be nice)
- be easy to distribute (lets say by the dozens)

I would like to develop it using delphi but need to talk inteligently about
using Smalltalk for this project. I know very little about Smalltalk, so I'm
asking you for any sugestions.

So far, all I know is:
        - very resource intensive
        - run time support (licensing???)
        - not compiled

What else should I know??


Sun, 18 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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