Absolute Basics on Delphi and ADO 
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 Absolute Basics on Delphi and ADO


> Hi

> Can someone please help (new to Delphi):  trying to learn a little bit
> more about Delphi.  I have noticed that basic example codes showing you
> how to connect to a database do a select and display the records with
> ADO is so painfully difficult to find with delphi (why is that anyway?
> Is there something else you have to buy in addition to companion disk?).

> I want to do the following simple thing:
> 1.  Use ADO 2.6 (not 2.1 or the prefab ADO controls that came with D5)
> 2.  Reference the type library in my project (I think I did this step
> ok:  (Project->Import Type Library->Chose ADO 2.6->Create "Classes" for
> each object type->Created a file called "ADODB_TLB" ... fine)
> 3.  Use the ADO connection and recordset objects on my Form Class.
> (Dragged and dropped the new icons representing each respectively)
> 4.  Dragged and dropped a command button on the form.
> 5.  What do I do next in the onclick() section of the button to
> connect, show some records and then disconnect gracefully?

you might want to look at
which has a large review of alternatives to database connections.


> Kind Regards

> AKauchali

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