Paradox database migration (InterBase) 
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 Paradox database migration (InterBase)

Hi there,

Here is a simple questions for you...
I need to write a program which migrates a Paradox db into an InterBase
db. The problem : I'm just a newbie with delphi and also lost with all
the ways to develop db applications. Can you tell me the best way to
get it ? I have to use data modules... That's all I know.
Which components do I have to use ? After reading samples, here is what
was decided :
for Paradox db -> 1 Table component per table, 1 DataSource per Table
(data access)
for InterBase db -> 1 DataBase component (db connection), Tables (which
are not exactly the same than Paradox tables).
Is it a good architecture ? If so, where do I have to put the Query
component to transfer data to a db from another ?

Please help me, I really need it !

Thx a lot,


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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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