Doing a find on a query - Delphi 1 
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 Doing a find on a query - Delphi 1

Try Using Infopower by Woll2woll Software.

It has filtering capabilities.

Keeping me busy :
Porting D2 C/S apps to D3 3-tier


>> Help,
>>         The client needs a delphi 3 application retrofitted into
>> Delphi 1.  To make a long story short, the entire application depends
>> on filter criteria -- and Delphi 1 doesn't support filters.
>> compromised by creating and recreating SQL strings and plugging them
>> into a query.

>>           My problem is I need to include
>> the functionality to find specific records (ie: like Findnearest or
>> Findkey).  Guess what, query objects don't support that type of
>> functionalty.

>That's right, there is no adequate filtering capability in standard D1. And
>in SQL (at least in local SQL) there is no direct FindKey type command to
>jump to a specific record. I would also like there being such a command.

>The solution might be using some third party filtering component. Try for
>example the free RX-library from Delphi Super Page. The nice feature is,
>if you write something clever using it on D1, you can bring that also to D2
>and D3, because the same RX-library works everywhere.

>Markku Nevalainen

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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