BDE Errors? 
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 BDE Errors?

I have the following problem.  I have an application the accesses an Access
DB through ODBC drivers ver 2.0. I have placed a TDBGrid on a TTabbedNoteBook
form and linked it to a table in the DB.  I set the datasource to active when
I enter the tab that contains this grid and set it inactive when I move
to another tabbed page.  I have no problems inserting new records into the
table at all.  However IF I move off the page, therby setting the datasource
to inactive and then return to the page, setting the datasource active and
try to edit an existing record I get a General SQL Error when the changed
record trys to post.  I have tried refreshing the table on entry to the
page, no help, I have set the SQL mode stuff to be as lienent(sp?) as
possible on updating changes, no help.  The DB is not corrupt and
this is driving me crazy.  Any help or suggestions would be welcome.


Sean M. Shanny


I have applied the patches to delphi but not the CD upgrade as I haven't
recieved it yet!

Tue, 17 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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