Pictures in an dbf file and adding new ones 
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 Pictures in an dbf file and adding new ones

Ok, you have a dbf file with a field (binary) that can store a picture or a sound. I
want to have a photo with the other data of a custumer. DBF structure:

c_nr     integer
C_naam   char(25)
c_photo (this is the binary field)

Ok when I use the new form option in delphi and use the expert wizzard to make a new
form from a dbf file. It all goes fine.

With the form generated by delphi I can view the data and the photo at the same time.

Great. Now you can also use the navigator toolbar to add a record. You can input the
nr, the name but the photo.... forget it. The help file says that when the picture
field is active and there is a picture in the clipboard you can use paste to get it
in the picture field. Ok so far so good.

BUT THE PICTURE IS NOT STORED. The nr and name are stored but the picture not. Any
ideas how I can store the picture?

Martin van Wieringen - The Hague - The Netherlands

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