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 Delphi SQL question

I have a paradox table that I would like to update with Delphi.  I want  to
have a query that will change info a column for a specific criteria.  I would
like to call this delphi app from another app.  I do not want to create a form
in Delphi if it is possible.  If I could make a call from my app to a Delphi
executable that updates a Paradox table based on a query it would be great!

i.e. in Paradox I would perform the following query:

| Last Name | First Name |          Age               |
|                   |                    | 10, CHANGETO 11 |

My app is not a paradox app and would need to perform such a query.  I think I
have to do some sort of SQL statements from Delphi.  Any suggestions would be

Thanks Eric

Sat, 25 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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